Create the event
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We specialise in stage design, set building & lighting designs


Do you want this year’s event to be unforgettable?

Many event organisers want to make amazing events, but they often don’t push the boundaries in case they blow the budget.

That’s where we excel — creating innovative stage and lighting designs that are well-planned, so everything goes smoothly on event day.


Our services to make your event stand out.


Stage & Set Designs

Stage design is something that is commonly over looked. We help bridge the gap between stage and audience with innovated ideas that gives your stage meaning rather then just the square stage at one end of the room

We can then place this into a 3D space and visualise your whole show


Video & content creation

Our team can create custom content that is all designed around the space and what the show needs.


Lighting Designs & Time-coding

Lighting design has come a long way from your lots of beams rock show we find new and existing ways to light environments

With our experience we are able to create shows that not only look great visually, but are also in sync across the board. Having visuals and lighting that work together is something that adds so much to a show.


Right gear for the right job

We put value in owning the most up to date control gear this puts us at the forefront of what is possible for your show.

We are consistently pushing boundary's and finding new and innovated ideas to make each show look as fresh as possible.

You need the right help to make your event stunning. With over 20 years working in the industry, we can help you with that.


Create the event everyone’s talking about